Неизвестно, удастся ли нам когда-нибудь разгадать загадку человека. Но зато какой процесс!
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What are smart contracts for? A smart contract allows anyone anywhere in the world to be confident enough to make an exchange , knowing that there is a commitment involved. Just as a workforce management allows you to increase the productivity of your work teams, a smart contract allows you to generate b2c email list an interaction between two parties in an optimal and safe way. [tweet "Smart contract is an intelligent contract that is b2c email list defined as a computer program that executes agreements that have been set up by two parties."] what are smart contracts? A smart contract is an intelligent contract that is defined as a computer program in charge of executing agreements that have been configured by various parties (people, organizations).

It ensures that certain b2c email list actions occur within a set of established conditions. Therefore, when an action is set or scheduled beforehand, the smart b2c email list contract will trigger the corresponding clause automatically. It was nick szabo, a cryptographer, who coined this term in 1993 . He proposed this b2c email list as a solution to what was the contract system back then; however, the scope of the technology did not make it viable in those years. For it to be viable, a payment method was necessary to put it into practice. However, this method did not appear until 2009 with the so-called bitcoins.


But bitcoin only had in b2c email list mind that its purpose was to be a financial tool, that is, cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, the technology with which bitcoins work, that is, the blockchains, did make the operation of this contract possible. With the creation of ethereum, the execution of this b2c email list new mechanism became a reality. Being in a decentralized system, these smart contracts are not under the control of any of the parties involved in the agreement . For this reason, the conditions can be programmed, they cannot be modified because they are placed in the blockchain and, finally, they must be signed by the parties for greater security of the commitment.

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