Неизвестно, удастся ли нам когда-нибудь разгадать загадку человека. Но зато какой процесс!
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He personally traveled thousands of miles from Shixing in the deep mountains to Panyu, the seaport of Guangzhou, to persuade Lu Xun. The general Peach Of Heart idea is this: "If you don't beat Liu Yu, I will bring the Sixing people to fight him." It means that you will also be implicated, and strictly speaking it is a threat.

But Xu Daofu is not a person without a brain. They will send troops next, and ships are a very important part. But if you build a big boat directly, you will be reported to the court just Peach Of Heart by cutting down the lumberjacks. So Xu Daofu released the news that someone wanted to purchase their timber, and everyone began to cut down trees, plan wood, and make boards.

This amount does not reach military units, and the commercial grade is not suspicious. When the preparations were almost complete, Xu Daofu took the Peach Of Heart wood to the Shixing market, saying that the order had been cancelled, that the materials were useless, and that it would be auctioned off. by buying scraps and reselling them for super cheap things. After selling their property at home, they go Peach Of Heart to buy Taishou Xu's scraps of wood.

But in this season, the water flow is turbulent, and everyone bought boat planks, and it is not easy to transport them out. Well, it doesn't matter, we'll keep it. Xu Dao repeated Peach Of Heart the same technique four times. A large number of usable timber ship boards are piled up among the common people. When he decided to fight against the Jin Dynasty, Xu Daofu directly asked the soldiers to "redeem" the Peach Of Heart wooden planks with the original sales certificate, which was exactly the same, and immediately started assembling and went north to fight.

They were going to enter Jingnan from Guangzhou, and take the Yangtze River to the capital of the Eastern Jin Dynasty. Speaking of water warfare, this group of Peach Of Heart fake five-doumi pirates is ranked second, and no one dares to claim the first place in the contemporary era. He Wuji, Liu Yu's confidant, fought against Xunyang at the narrowest part of the Yangtze River. Wuji was a small boat, and Xu Daofu was Peach Of Heart a big ship. This is definitely the correct blocking tactic, those who want He Wuji to defend the city are simply crazy, and they don't need to land on your stronghold. It's a pity that Jiang Feng bullied the small boat, He Wuji died in battle.

Peach Of Heart

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