Неизвестно, удастся ли нам когда-нибудь разгадать загадку человека. Но зато какой процесс!
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All societies, whether tribal or modern, have hierarchies of reciprocal relationships to organize and represent various degrees of relatedness or social distance. What is Peach Of Heart special about a market society is that it needs to emphasize the balance and reciprocity in the middle of the balance. And because of this, the citizens of mass society have neither common beliefs nor common interests, and they can cooperate to maintain the prosperity of commerce without being related to each other. Without balanced reciprocity, people would be oriented towards kinship or conflict in transactions, and thus would not know what to do.

Ethics that used to appear on the fringes of the group now appear on the fringes of the self, enabling largely self-disciplined individuals to interact with others. The interests of Peach Of Heart propriety give our modern selves a semi-permeable membrane in which we can represent and Peach Of Heart deal with the relative strangeness of those with whom we dine every day. A market society would not be able to function without interest or what was called usury in ancient times.

As for the core art economy part of this book. "Gift" as a quotation, which can be translated as "gift" or "gift" at the same time, which is cleverly used here. First talent is Peach Of Heart recognized as a gift from the Creator. As mentioned above, if the recipient of the gift does not forward it, he will suffer from sin or curse. In contemporary society, it's like the talented people always yearn for Bole, or they are underappreciated, talented but not destined, and so on.

This talent (Gift) shown after going through trials is also a gift (Gift) to civilization. That is to say, works of art, including literature, paintings, sculptures, music and other forms, are gifts (Gifts) that creators transfer their talents (Gifts). Compared with the mechanized commodity production Peach Of Heart in the capital market, artworks are purer and closer to the essence of gifts. As for the artwork as a gift, no one can really own the gift, and everyone can only assume the responsibility of keeping it temporarily until the next owner appears.

Peach Of Heart

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